We’re just so thrilled you want to link arms with us. Become an & Sister as we Thrive in the &…together.

What exactly is being an & Sister all about? Well, as much as we’d like to be virtual friends, real-life friends are even more fun! We’ll be hosting meet-ups and workshops across the country…but we want YOU to step up and lead some too!

It can look as simple as meeting new #momboss friends by having wine in your home, coffee at your favorite little spot, or a picnic in the summertime. It can also be a workshop about something we all could grow from: keeping our kids safe on social media, freezer-meal making, or learning the best tricks to beautifully edit photos from our phones. It could be resume building, creating work/life balance, or learning tips and tricks to creating a beautiful arrangement using only grocery store flowers.

Let’s be honest: we have lots of ideas up our sleeves and would love to team up with you to bring groups to your community! Want to chat or learn more? Email us!

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Have questions, ideas, or are excited about our meet-up Workshops?

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