Eleven years ago I began dreaming about creating a space for moms to thrive, to gather together, and to foster a love of learning: whether in their career or in a whole-self type of way.


Being a mom is wonderful yet difficult. And as I began to wade through it, I realized how desperately I needed a few things:

  • I needed something that was mine and outside of the home to keep me sane.

  • I craved being surrounded by women who would encourage me to flourish in motherhood, business, faith, and really just life in general.

  • I was really struggling in those early mom-days as I tried to remember who I was pre-baby…that the gift of motherhood didn’t tie a bow around my entire identity. I was still me, simply me in a new season.


Finally all these years later, this dream has become reality… and I want you to be part of it.

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Teresa Swanstrom Anderson, founder


It still makes me laugh to say I have six kids when I thought I wanted my doctorate in Art History and a career in Europe instead. Crazily enough, a photograph at an auction changed everything. We knew we wanted to live “outside ourselves” but didn’t know what that meant or looked like. Because of this little boy in Malawi’s photo however, my heart now bursts not for only my husband, but our two “blondies” and four incredible children from Ethiopia.

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Live in the &. Thrive there.


I am a lover of pretty details, belly laughs, and kid-cuddles. A passionate celebrator of the every day, I crave deep conversation and believe in the importance of instilling a World Changer mentality into children and women everywhere.

In my “spare time” I love to host parties, travel around speaking, and blog over at TeresaSwanstromAnderson.com. And guess what… my book, Beautifully Interrupted can be found anywhere books are sold (and three more are currently being written)!

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