When you're ROCKING Work but feel like you're FAILING Motherhood

I suppose everyone has ideas of what their lives will be like before becoming parents. I know I sure did. I saw the role of working mom as one that would be symbiotic. I would work all day, manage to semi make a descent meal, spend every night of quality time with my family and sleep at least six hours a night. I also just knew that I would ROCK motherhood.


Oh Lord, forgive my blind ignorance. You never know what you don’t know. And I knew nothing about being a mother.

After fifteen years, I know a lot of things about practicing law and running a business. The raw, gut checking truth is that almost every day of my existence, I nail every aspect in my life-except motherhood. From business meetings to court appearances, I can do those things. And I can do them well.


There’s also the other gratification of clients telling you "thank you" for a job well done, seeing sales numbers increase and having a judge agree with my legal reasoning all creates a buzz of “hey-I did that and I did well.” Those moments are fun. They remind me what I’m doing is the right thing.

The office has never been a struggle for me. I like to work. It’s where I am in control and the outcome of a lot of work days.

Home is where I most often lose faith that I have any abilities whatsoever.

It never matters how often I win a case, or successfully complete a sales call, there is another realm of which I am always struggling. You see, home is where most of my insecurities come out to play on a daily basis.


The moment my briefcase is set down, there is another arena in which I have to perform every day. There is a floor to sweep, dinner to make and no matter how much effort or time is applied, there is always a pile of laundry to tackle. And then there are the other humans living with me, of whom I never have any solid control. Both of my kids are entering or are solidly in their teenage years. They have practice, social schedules and opinions of their own.

I often have to remind myself that just because I control work, home often seems to control me.


About a year ago, I finally had to give myself permission to be ok if things under our roof are never mastered. The laundry can hang out in the basket longer than I would like. The kids are developing into people and that’s a process where I am needed but cannot micromanage. And there are going to be days that no one cares what I did at the office.


That has probably been one of the best gifts I’ve ever given myself—the freedom to love what I do and not expect any appreciation. Motherhood and business almost creates two personalities in me. And after nine years of  doing motherhood and business together, I still have so much to learn.

So mamas, if you are feeling like a boss at the office (or behind the computer) and yet feel coming up short at home, take heart.

Your people may never fully appreciate all that you can accomplish except for when you have thrown together dinner of noodles and leftovers and sit around and ask about their days. Believe me that you are not alone and you are rocking both motherhood and biz life like only you can do!




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The Cutest Shoes for the #MomBoss (Our & Gal Leaders Spill their faves!)

You know what’s so great about shoes? It doesn’t matter if we still carry that baby-weight…our feet essentially stay the same. All the praise hands, RIGHT?!

Whether you’re a work from home or a work in the office/shoppe/classroom/courtroom/etc kind of gal, we think you’ll love way too many of these…and maybe you’ll even find some new brands to step into (see what we did there?)!

Ready for our fun roundup of some of our & Gal Leaders favorite shoes? Good, thought so. (pssst….we even have discounts for some of them!)


FAVORITE PAIR: Red Cat Flats by Rothys

Lindsey W Andrews.jpg

Have you heard of Rothy’s?? Lindsey, our favorite family law attorney introduced them to us a few weeks back while on a video conference.

“I wear them whenever I’m not in the courtroom! And even when I am, they’re in my bag”, she admitted.

We are SO excited about this (new to us) brand that’s not only fantastically cute, but socially conscious. Founded with an unwavering commitment to design, they wanted to create a beautiful shoe with the environment in mind. “Anyone can make pretty shoes” they explain, “we took it a step further and developed a way to craft stylish, comfortable flats from recycled plastics with virtually no waste throughout the entire process.”

Can you believe they’ve already saved over 20 MILLION water bottles from the landfill?

Plus, who doesn’t love matching mom/daughter footwear?! Especially when you’re literally able to slide them off your feet and right into the washing machine. Yes, REALLY!

We know you love discounts (so do we)…so click on the button above for $20 off!


FAVORITE PAIR: Tan Ankle-High Leather Clogs by Lotta from Stockholm

Meet Karen.png
lotta from stockholm.png

This author, photographer, and retreat and conference creator is obsessed with her clogs by Lotta from Stockholm.

“I love that they are closed toed but still sandals because I feel like I can wear them for work events but still not be hot and trendy. They’re super comfy. Pretty sure I wore them the entire Abound Conference!”

(Speaking of Karen’s Abound conferences & retreats…here’s the next one this summer)

The best part about this Swedish brand? You can get them on Amazon! Ummmm Prime, please.

Here’s more fun from Lotta from Stockholm!


FAVORITE PAIR: Natural Yarn Dye Women's Majorca Cutout Sandals by TOMS

Copy of Thank You So Much, Dad! (1).png

This entrepreneurial mama is a creative director, and content strategist (amongst many other things!) and loves looking cute while being on her feet all day…though comfort is a must! Christiana says,

“They are the perfect everyday shoe and go with everything from a daytime summer dress to an evening ensemble. They are supportive and comfortable to walk in to the park or to a work meeting and the color goes with everything. You can never go wrong with a nude heel that elongates the leg, and they are the only heels I can wear thatI can also maneuver twins in all day!”

It’s obvious we all love TOMS (especially since they created the whole one-for-one concept) but we’re especially loving their new wedges and new styles for spring and summer! Check out more TOMS faves below!

For $10 off, use code: GIVE4VSZR7HZ


FAVORITE PAIR: JP TOBEE Platform Pump by Jessica Simpson

Meet Retha.png
jessica simpson 6.png

This boy-mom who spends her work days as a successful life and business coach, prefers heels because, “They make me taller, lol. Funny but true!” We feel you, Retha…some of us like to get some height on us!

“I usually wear these with dresses or skirts,” Retha goes on to say. “I love how feminine and bold they are and make me feel as I go into important meetings”


FAVORITE PAIR: Blade Booties : Freebird by Steven

Meet Erin.png

Baker, balloon artist, and manager of her family’s business, Erin has a fun and big personality and her style definitely reflects it. Whether building a massive balloon installation for an event, playing at the park with her two little cuties, or helping run her family’s landscape business, she needs something that she feels good in (that’s still mega-comfortable)!

She says, These boots are life! Unique in every sense of fashion. Perfect for a day in the office and even better out on the town.”

We’re definitely wanting to raid your shoe closet right about now, girl.


FAVORITE PAIR: Colorblock Espadrille Flat by Tory Burch

Meet Sarah.png
tori burch 1.png

Whether meeting with brides or running to the wholesale floral market, Sarah, owner of an event and floral design shoppe in Denver, CO, is on her feet all day. Her perfectly classic style blends perfectly with these cheerful espadrilles.

“I do love Tory Burch but I’m not all booshie all the time, lol. Size 10 is hard to find…they’re either soooooo ugly and frumpy or $1,000!” Sarah explains with a laugh.

Are you a Tory Burch fan, too? We’re loving her other styles below, too!

**FUN SIDE-NOTE: Sarah Johns and Erin Person (above) are sisters (wink!)


FAVORITE PAIR: Women's GEL-Nimbus 20 Running Shoe by ASICS

Meet Lindsey B.png

Our resident health and fitness mom, Lindsey is a big fan of Asics.

These transition seamlessly from running to cross training to everyday walking”, she gushes.

And she would definitely know since she’s constantly bouncing back and forth from teaching fitness classes, taking care of her son, and creating healthy living content for her website, Nourish Move Love.

And um, let’s just say it’s super fun seeing her on their Instagram feed. Lindsey certainly walks the walk.


FAVORITE PAIR: Valerie Microsude City Ankle Boots by A New Day (at Target)

Meet Meredith.png

Can we just talk about Target for a second? I know you’ve seen that meme that says something like, “Did you find everything today?” And the woman responds, “First of all, I didn’t come here for any of this…” You know it’s funny ‘cuz it’s true. But seriously, Target. You’ve done it again. Meredith’s booties are just the cutest.

She says, These leopard booties are my go-to shoe for sassing up an outfit. And every time I wear them — without fail — someone says how much they love them. They can never believe it when I tell them they’re from Target!”

Have you seen the other shoes on their shelves lately?!


FAVORITE PAIR: Gaby Flat in Embriodered Floral by Root Collective

Meet Teresa.png
Root Collective 8.png

Our founder, Teresa is a total heels girl (she says the taller her teenage sons grow, the taller her shoes need to be, haha). That being said, she’s completely obsessed with these floral flats by Root Collective these days.

Teresa says, “My parents moved us to Guatemala during my middle school years so knowing what I’m wearing on my feet is actually impacting people inside a country I love dearly is incredible. Plus…the shoes incredibly well made, comfortable, and even more gorgeous in real life.”

Have you heard of Root Collective? They’re literally changing the world while partnering with small, independent workshops because they believe that's where the most impact in communities happen. With the goal to support existing workshops that are run by local business owners, all of their producers receive beyond fair trade wages.

Teresa remembers the guerilla warfare and gang disturbance well, so knowing that Root Collective is working intentionally to help communities have safe alternatives is extraordinary. Providing steady and safe jobs fight against violence in Guatemala by giving young men and women an alternative to joining the gangs, which are rampant in many communities throughout the country.

Head on over to Root Collective’s site. With a motto like: Ethically made. Empower communities. Invest in change. you know we’re big fans. We bet you will be, too.

We know you love discounts (so do we)…so click on the button above for $20 off!





Linx Slide Sandal  BY 42 GOLD
winslow black multi  by betsy johnson

winslow black multi by betsy johnson




Meet Kristen.png

For even more fun #momboss fashion, head on over to Kristen’s post: The Work-From-Home Mom's Guide to Dressing Without Yoga Pants (which truly, is for any mom because the stuff in here is just so darn cute)

You’ll never wear yoga pants outside of yoga again!

What are your favorite shoes??? We’d LOVE to know more brands + styles for next time!! xo, Teresa

No one talks about what happens when the pursuit of happiness doesn’t work out the way you thought it would

It’s been said that the test of a true man’s character is the way he behaves when no one is watching. The last few years of my life have lead me to believe that a better testament of personal character is how we respond to life’s blows, and how we treat others when we lose everything.

This past year my family has lost every single asset that has come to define modern day success.

Whether filling out school, home, or job applications, our entry to security and opportunity are all qualified upon this value of financial success…of winning.


The world tells us to boldly chase after what sets our soul on fire. To be fearless and to #riseandgrind. We put entrepreneurs and risk-takers on pedestals, and we are led to believe that if we want something bad enough, and are also willing to put in the time and sacrifice that it takes, we can achieve all of our hearts greatest desires (these photos are an example of a dream come true…that was suddenly gone).

Sometimes that happens. My husband was lucky enough to achieve enormous success in business at a very early age. He brought significant impact to companies by doing things he was remarkably talented at, and those impacts made companies a great deal of money. His personal financial gains from those wins made taking more bold leaps possible, and seven years ago when we embarked on building our life together, we set off to do just that.

At that time, I believed that my husband and I were both destined and entitled to even more “success” because we were two of the most intelligent, honest, and hard-working people I know.

We do the right thing, even when that meant we took the biggest hits, because we value integrity above all else. We are not afraid of hard things.

We have collectively sacrificed so much to try and get ahead, and we did it all because success meant we had the opportunity to change other people’s lives.


But even in the face of all of those realities, we managed to lose the two things that we thought we needed the most - my longing for security - and my husband’s desire for freedom.

Let’s be honest, those two losses were horribly difficult to swallow.

Some of our losses were due to the inevitable missteps that one takes when pioneering and disrupting into new territories, some were the byproducts of personal growth, and many of our losses (and the hardest to recover from) were the consequences of being taken advantage of by people who did not share our core values.

No one talks about what happens when the pursuit of happiness doesn’t work out the way you thought it would.

How do you stomach disappointment? How do you modify your lens of success when you try your best and you don’t succeed?


And this is what I have learned as I stand here today in the reckoning of letting go of the security that I once believed defined me…

Most leaders believe that the biggest indicator of success is money, because money equals power, power equals freedom, and without freedom we have no control. I have learned however, that the things that give you the most fulfillment in life (for us, there is no greater meaning in life than the kind you experience as a parent) are often the things you lose sight of on the journey towards building your safety net.

While research has proven that money only increases happiness up to the point of about 70K a year, I still held on to this notion that ambition, if altruistic in nature, could bring purpose to your life.


I surmised that business could act as a vehicle to create impact and to give back - and I have since come to understand that the biggest gifts I have given to others didn’t lie in the money I donated to charitable causes, or within the opportunities I provided, but in the ways I loved just a handful of people with my whole heart.

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.
— Maya Angelou

For a long time, I held onto this system of belief that my need for safety and freedom had to be met in order for me to be happy.

I have transformed that ideology in recent months to uncover quite the opposite. When you are the most stripped down and sitting in the absence of the things you think you need the most, is when you truly awaken to the magic of the world around you.

When you are forced to stop all the doing, grinding, charging, achieving, driving, hustling, and fighting is when you get still enough to focus on the being of human existence.


I should admit that I am still in the process of forcing myself to stop the cycle. Accepting disappointment is certainly not my biggest strength.

When you don’t feel secure - you feel afraid - and its human nature to want to charge to fix it, control it, and solve it. When you feel stuck, and you don’t have answers to your problems, it is ever so difficult to let yourself be still and to focus on the sound of your child’s laugh, the wind at your back, the blessings you have in just being alive.

But this is the new measure of success I have set for myself and these are the goals I am striving towards: embracing disappointment and finding joy in the absence of getting what I thought I needed, being fully present to the simple joys of life, and expressing gratitude for what I have instead of mourning all that has been lost. 

The silver lining of my story is that when you lose everything, you get to wipe the slate clean and start over…and as it turns out the security, freedom, and success I have always wanted, was always right here for the taking. It just looks different than I expected. The world is still our oyster, and I wouldn’t bet against us.

That’s all about doing, not being – and while doing will bring you moments of joy, it won’t necessarily reward you with lasting happiness. Stop and breathe. Be healthy.

Be around your friends and family. Be there for someone, and let someone be there for you. Be bold. Just be for a minute.

If you allow yourself to be in the moment, and appreciate the moment, happiness will follow.  Because allowing yourself just to be, puts things into perspective.

There’s a reason we’re called human beings and not human doings. As human beings we have the ability to think, move and communicate in a heightened way.

We can cooperate, understand, reconcile and love, that’s what sets us apart from most other species. Don’t waste your human talents by stressing about nominal things, or that which you cannot change. If you take the time simply to be and appreciate the fruits of life, your stresses will begin to dissolve, and you will be happier.
— Richard Branson




10 Steps to Healthy Living (it may not be what you think!)

What comes to mind when thinking of “healthy living”?  When I say healthy I don’t mean we need to be at our ideal weight, or on a super strict diet…I mean we need to be pursuing health so that we can be the best version of ourselves.  In this article, I’m going to give you ten things you can start doing right now to help kickstart this movement!  I know what you’re thinking…TEN?!

Well, here’s the thing:

Baby steps still move you forward.

With those baby steps in mind, I encourage you to just hone in on one or two keys on this list that aren’t currently a practice in your life. Simply start there.  Have grace for yourself and dare to begin!


1.Be kind to yourself!

Yes, I did this one first for a reason.  I know for me personally, I am the harshest with myself.  I “speak” to myself in a way I would never in one million years speak to a friend.  I truly think living a healthy life starts with treating yourself like you would treat a friend!  This is a process, no perfection required.  Be kind!


An Open Letter to You, Working Mom

The Impact of Voicing “I’m a Good Mom”

2. Get your sleep

Research has shown that our bodies actually need 7-9 hours of sleep per night.  If we really paid attention, so much of poor health can be linked back to lack of sleep. Just like we often remind our children that they need to go to bed because this is when our bodies heal and recharge, we sometimes need to remind ourselves the same!  Set an alarm on your phone at a certain time and label it “shut it down” . Start winding down from your work/your phone each night 30 minutes earlier than normal and allow your body the rest it needs to thrive.


How a Digital Sunset Will Help You Sleep (+ 4 Other Sleep-Better Tips)

How Time Blocking Changed My Life

3. Drink plenty of water

This is a great challenge for yourself to start your day with a glass of water.  My health coach painted this picture for me that after sleeping, our insides “need a shower” and that’s what a big glass of water will do.  Make it a point to drink water throughout your day and see how it makes you feel.  Also more water typically equals less caffeine, which is never a bad thing. Note: If you struggle drinking water, spice things up with lemon, lime, fresh berries, or a sprig of something yummy!


Three Tricks to Help You Look Rested


4. Fuel your body

So much of what we put in our bodies determines how we feel.  Our body digests foods at different speeds and can tremendously affect how we feel. Changing the lifestyle of my eating has drastically improved my quality of life.  It’s not about losing weight, dieting, or looking a certain way - it’s about how you feel!  When we are fueling our bodies with whole foods (not processed), we have more energy and “fuel” for our days.


10 Healthy Snack Ideas

5. Establish a morning routine

I fought this one so hard, but establishing a morning rhythm has allowed me to start my day in a healthy way.  I started by making a list of what my “idea” morning would be, and then worked from there.  It’s important to remember this is not a check list, or a to do list but simply a routine (or rhythm) allows our minds to take a rest.  It leaves room for creative space, increases productivity, frees up time.  YES!


Let’s Talk Exhaustion & Morning Routines


6. Live uncluttered

I truly believe that our physical surroundings affect our inner life.  Clearing the clutter of our physical space, clears up mental space and gives us time back.  Healthy living and living uncluttered go hand in hand in my book.


Living an Uncluttered Life

7. Create a support system

Living a healthy lifestyle alone is so much harder than living it alongside someone else.  Ideally, our partners would be seeking to live a healthy lifestyle with us - but if your partner isn’t on board yet, find a friend or sister to come alongside of you.  Having the support and accountability is everything.


Have you joined our Private FB Community full of other Working Moms Yet?

8. Move your body!

Again, this isn’t about losing weight or looking your best but it’s about how you feel.  Find something that you love and go for it.  Maybe it’s a group class, an at home video, getting outdoors…..moving your body will help you feel good and give you energy.


At-Home Workout: 15-minute HIIT cardio (video)

At-Home Workout: 7 Exercises for Postpartum Core Recovery

Quick 10-Minute Beginner Ab Workout for Moms (Video)


9. Establish a Quiet Zone

Take time away from your phone, the noise, your work….this is so important especially as women who are juggling so much.  If we never stop, we will burn out.  Setting aside an intentional time each week to set away from the never ending responsibilities to just BE will do so much for your health and wellness.  I’m challenging you!


Head over and read the text in this Instagram post about Creating a “Zone of Silence” twice a day.

10. Set your intentions

This is so much a mind game, y’all.  I promise that living a healthy life is possible for you, but you have to decide that for yourself!  Be intentional, set yourself goals or intentions and just dare to begin!


How to Actualize (Not Just Visualize) Success


I believe in you!  You are one step away from living a healthy life…all you have to do is dare to begin. 

Forever cheering for you, Wynne




An Open Letter to You, Working Mom


You are doing an outstanding job. You are enough and you need to keep that at the forefront of your mind. Being away from your kids is not always easy. Matter of fact, it is the hardest. I understand this. I get you, because I am you.

I am so familiar with the “Mom Guilt” and the heart crushing moments when you are falling short of confidence in yourself and your parenting. Doing your best to be you, be mom, check items off your lists, organize, perform at work, and find time to feel human.

The workforce is full of hard working, strong, beautiful mamas just like you. Many of you  feel working outside the home makes you a better mother. A woman set out to provide for her family and do her best to enjoy life. Absolutely respectable. The number of mamas that work from home is increasing and that too has its trials and tribulations. There are many of you that dream of the stay-at-home mom life, but you know those cards are not in your deck.  Working to contribute to the bills and pay for that roof over your head is not an option, you have to work.  I know this makes it so much harder because you do not get a choice whether to work or not. You wish for something different and feel stuck. I am with you and many riding the same wave. 


The questions that ramble through our heads, run rampant through our hearts, and can pierce our soul faster than a bolt of lightning, are heavy and burdensome. 

Am I giving the kids enough time and attention? Do the kids know I love them to the moon and back? Do they feel as neglected as I feel? How can I be more? What does the school teacher think of me? How can my kids have play dates if I never get the chance to meet other parents? Are my kids mad at me for not signing them up for all the extracurricular activities? Should I feel bad that I genuinely love my job? The notion of performing at work excites me, is that wrong?


Questions that undulate through our minds like a roller coaster ride, with our hands straight up in the air. Steady uphill and a thousand miles an hour downhill, without a blink of an eye. How does life move so smoothly, organized in KonMari fashion, painted in perfect color, then suddenly change to all forms of chaos? Life. That’s how. I love this life but will be the first to admit that everyday commotion is wearing.

Working Mom, you are not alone.

The rush to wake up early and get ready before the kids, then praying there are no ‘situations’ that arise which could possibly throw the routine off. You are not alone when you rush to daycare to drop your sweet little one off, to only drive away feeling Ms. Jan is raising your baby while fighting back tears. Or that gut wrenching feeling when they do not want to go into daycare because another moment with mom may just change their world.

Racing through the school drop off line, hollering “I love you!!” as they hop out of the car and race into the building, hoping they beat the bell. I often question my mom-ability when I realize how fast find time flies by and I swear I was well intentioned.

You are not alone when you have no vacation time left and must miss class parties and field trips or even send a sick kiddo to school.

Let’s not even begin to discuss weekends and your lack of alone time, friend time or date nights. I get it. You want as much time to soak up the minutes with your loves. You are not alone in feeling that when you see the freeway and die a little inside as the traffic builds up, because the next time you are late for a meeting could have consequences. Major consequences. We all know you getting a “break” is nearly impossible but that feeling of driving to work and being able to adult during the day sort of revs you up.

As a career focused woman, you too are not alone in the mom life. You love your work and success, find joy in life by providing the world the best version of your employee self. You strive to accomplish goals upon goals. You are not alone when often asked those mildly offensive questions. “Do you feel bad for working?” or “How you could not feel guilty for having Ms. Jan raise your babies?” Ugh. Gut-punch. One of my favorites is, “Don’t you think your kids need you more?” Why yes, yes I do. We all would love more of one another and quite frankly, we need more self-care as well. Children deserve a mommy that is the best version of herself, and I find that many of us are a better Me, when working.

No guilt here or there.

I love this life and I love the aspects of my work done in the house and outside of the house. Can I get an Amen?

nathan-dumlao-591059-unsplash 2.jpg

I ask that you take a moment to pause in your every day journey to remind yourself of this:

I am stunning. I am a proud mother, a supportive mother. I am a woman driven to succeed at this thing called life. I am thankful for the Lord blessing me with these children and gifting me the time to present life in the most beautifully chaotic fashion. I may not have makeup on, and my jeans are snug, but I sure enjoyed the extra bucket of popcorn at the late-night living room movie session. I love the freedom of jamming to my 90s music, rapping to Salt-n-Peppa, while driving to work and I feel NO GUILT. I am working daily to improve myself. I am loved and I am enough. I am me and I do this life well.

The beauty in the bindings of life is heart transforming. The position of our hearts changes when we begin to change our perspective on life’s struggles.

Look to transform your thoughts on your life and soul.

I often remind myself:

• My struggles are all valid and it is okay to feel defeated. Breathe. Cry it out. Laugh it out.

• Today was hard, maybe the week was hard, and I can work on making tomorrow the best yet.

• Order takeout and eat it straight from the box. Rough nights deserve a dishes break.

• Plan way in advance (and in my case of terrible luck, pray it goes well! Haha).

• The love my two-year-old needs, from me, is far more than expected and the extra ten minute snuggles will do nothing but bring more love and joy in life. (Let’s be honest, I prayed for a little best friend and I surely got that exact thing. *sarcastic voice with a slight chuckle*)

• Relax. Smile.

• Eat the chocolate chip cookie. It’s fine, really!


I honestly believe life was designed for relationships. We work hard at loving our children with all that we have and all that we are. We embrace the crazy flaws of our spouse, siblings, friends, and coworkers. Ladies, we give grace to those that hurt us. We love-hard and fight-hard for those around us. I say we start with us, first. Start with you.

Love yourself first, fight for yourself, and embrace your flaws.

And most of all, dear friend…give yourself grace, knowing that you are enough.