Why should I start Juicing??

If you are on Instagram these days, you might have seen the juicing crazy come back in full force.  It is NOT a fad, it is around for good. I discovered juicing when I was at a breaking point with my health.  I was always bloated, exhausted, stressed…not to mention “that time of the month” symptoms were cramping my style.  Literally and figuratively.  Then entered a holistic health coach that taught me the importance of a nutrient rich diet!  If you (like me) are not sure about this whole “juicing thing”, let me start to change your mind…

You might be wondering about the difference between Green Juice and Green Smoothies, right? 


Well the difference is that Green Juice goes straight into your blood stream whereas a Green Smoothie goes through your digestive tract. Both are great options to start your day with! I tried both, and I fell in love with juicing.  It’s fresh, it’s tasty, and I often put it over ice with a straw and feel fancy drinking it.  I’ve been juicing almost every morning for almost 9 months I can honestly say I don’t know why I would ever look back.

It provides me with the nutrients + greens I need, thus giving me energy for my days. As busy wives, mamas, working gals we need every bit of natural energy we can get.

Since drinking green juice, I’ve taken my coffee consumption down to ONE cup a day.

Can you believe it? This has also greatly impacted the daily stresses and anxiety that typically plague us.  Also, there is no “sugar crash” with green juice, which is a major win.  

Here are a few tips, and my go to recipes and I want to challenge you to just begin!

  1. If there’s a local juicery where you live, go buy one first and acquire the taste.

  2. Then when you are ready to go all in, Amazon is there waiting for you.  OR a local Facebook health-conscious or juicing group will be your best friend (many have found them on sale for a fraction of the cost of a new one!). 

Have I convinced you yet? 

Favorite Combo:

My fave green juice recipe is kale, celery, cucumber, red apple, green apple, lemon

Pinterest is also a great source of fantastic recipes and combinations!

Pour over ice in a glass with a reusable or paper straw! Such a treat! I use the Breville juicer (Shop for your own here!) 


I hope this helps give you a new mindset of what your body is meant to do! You are absolutely capable and worthy of these lifestyle changes. I’m not perfect & I don’t do it perfect al l the time but having this mindset has changed it all . I no longer feel bloated, exhausted, depleted, run ragged. I’ve got my body back. Which has in turn given me the fuel I need to do the things I’ve been created to do! 

Cheering you on! 




10 Steps to Healthy Living (it may not be what you think!)

What comes to mind when thinking of “healthy living”?  When I say healthy I don’t mean we need to be at our ideal weight, or on a super strict diet…I mean we need to be pursuing health so that we can be the best version of ourselves.  In this article, I’m going to give you ten things you can start doing right now to help kickstart this movement!  I know what you’re thinking…TEN?!

Well, here’s the thing:

Baby steps still move you forward.

With those baby steps in mind, I encourage you to just hone in on one or two keys on this list that aren’t currently a practice in your life. Simply start there.  Have grace for yourself and dare to begin!


1.Be kind to yourself!

Yes, I did this one first for a reason.  I know for me personally, I am the harshest with myself.  I “speak” to myself in a way I would never in one million years speak to a friend.  I truly think living a healthy life starts with treating yourself like you would treat a friend!  This is a process, no perfection required.  Be kind!


An Open Letter to You, Working Mom

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2. Get your sleep

Research has shown that our bodies actually need 7-9 hours of sleep per night.  If we really paid attention, so much of poor health can be linked back to lack of sleep. Just like we often remind our children that they need to go to bed because this is when our bodies heal and recharge, we sometimes need to remind ourselves the same!  Set an alarm on your phone at a certain time and label it “shut it down” . Start winding down from your work/your phone each night 30 minutes earlier than normal and allow your body the rest it needs to thrive.


How a Digital Sunset Will Help You Sleep (+ 4 Other Sleep-Better Tips)

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3. Drink plenty of water

This is a great challenge for yourself to start your day with a glass of water.  My health coach painted this picture for me that after sleeping, our insides “need a shower” and that’s what a big glass of water will do.  Make it a point to drink water throughout your day and see how it makes you feel.  Also more water typically equals less caffeine, which is never a bad thing. Note: If you struggle drinking water, spice things up with lemon, lime, fresh berries, or a sprig of something yummy!


Three Tricks to Help You Look Rested


4. Fuel your body

So much of what we put in our bodies determines how we feel.  Our body digests foods at different speeds and can tremendously affect how we feel. Changing the lifestyle of my eating has drastically improved my quality of life.  It’s not about losing weight, dieting, or looking a certain way - it’s about how you feel!  When we are fueling our bodies with whole foods (not processed), we have more energy and “fuel” for our days.


10 Healthy Snack Ideas

5. Establish a morning routine

I fought this one so hard, but establishing a morning rhythm has allowed me to start my day in a healthy way.  I started by making a list of what my “idea” morning would be, and then worked from there.  It’s important to remember this is not a check list, or a to do list but simply a routine (or rhythm) allows our minds to take a rest.  It leaves room for creative space, increases productivity, frees up time.  YES!


Let’s Talk Exhaustion & Morning Routines


6. Live uncluttered

I truly believe that our physical surroundings affect our inner life.  Clearing the clutter of our physical space, clears up mental space and gives us time back.  Healthy living and living uncluttered go hand in hand in my book.


Living an Uncluttered Life

7. Create a support system

Living a healthy lifestyle alone is so much harder than living it alongside someone else.  Ideally, our partners would be seeking to live a healthy lifestyle with us - but if your partner isn’t on board yet, find a friend or sister to come alongside of you.  Having the support and accountability is everything.


Have you joined our Private FB Community full of other Working Moms Yet?

8. Move your body!

Again, this isn’t about losing weight or looking your best but it’s about how you feel.  Find something that you love and go for it.  Maybe it’s a group class, an at home video, getting outdoors…..moving your body will help you feel good and give you energy.


At-Home Workout: 15-minute HIIT cardio (video)

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9. Establish a Quiet Zone

Take time away from your phone, the noise, your work….this is so important especially as women who are juggling so much.  If we never stop, we will burn out.  Setting aside an intentional time each week to set away from the never ending responsibilities to just BE will do so much for your health and wellness.  I’m challenging you!


Head over and read the text in this Instagram post about Creating a “Zone of Silence” twice a day.

10. Set your intentions

This is so much a mind game, y’all.  I promise that living a healthy life is possible for you, but you have to decide that for yourself!  Be intentional, set yourself goals or intentions and just dare to begin!


How to Actualize (Not Just Visualize) Success


I believe in you!  You are one step away from living a healthy life…all you have to do is dare to begin. 

Forever cheering for you, Wynne




"I Forgive You": Why it's Healthy for Your Kids to See Conflict with Your Spouse

My Mom and Dad never really get angry”. As the counselor relayed my son’s words to me, I was shocked! My husband and I definitely get angry, and he has witnessed it firsthand on many occasions.

 “I don’t understand. We get angry, even arguing in front of the kids sometimes. We do our best to make up in front of them as well, sometimes explaining the conflict in an age appropriate way to them.”

 “What words do you use?”

 “Well, I tell them Mommy and Daddy were frustrated, or we lost our patience, or we had a misunderstanding.”

 “He isn’t identifying any of that as anger. It is great that you resolve the conflict in front of them, but it is important to sometimes actually say that you were angry, otherwise he assumes he is the only one that ever feels that way and becomes ashamed of it.”


You guys- this was such a breakthrough for me. (And can I just take a moment to say- go to counseling with your kids, with your spouse, or just yourself! It is truly amazing how much healthier you and your family can become with just a little guidance in the right direction.) I had no idea I was portraying a lack of anger, or how important it was for me to demonstrate healthy anger to my kids. It makes total sense to me now. Frustration isn’t anger. A lack of patience isn’t anger. A misunderstanding isn’t anger. Anger is normal and healthy, (if resolved properly), and I needed to call it by name for my son.

Resolving conflict, as we all know, doesn’t come naturally. Some personalities are more comfortable with conflict than others, and it just so happens that my husband, Shawn and I both land on the more comfortable end of the spectrum (and more so myself). I rather fully address situations as they come up, I don’t struggle for words during the conflict, and I feel so much better when it is resolved in a complete and transparent way.

I know so many other women that would rather have a bikini wax than have to face a conflict directly. For those of you familiar with the Enneagram, I am an 8, which you know means I am the small portion of the population that doesn’t shy away from a conversation that may become tense. This in and of itself makes many other people uncomfortable. While I know none of my children share the same personality or tendency toward comfort in conflict..

I want them to grow up with confidence that they can tactfully and respectfully stand up for themselves, respect the other person during an argument, and have the courage to address issues as they inevitably arise in relationships.

I believe this is one of the most important life skills; success in their marriage, their job and friendships will all depend on it.

Now, I’m definitely not saying the entire conversation should always be hashed out in front of the kids. Some things are just not age appropriate, or hearing the entire conversation would give them more worry than necessary. Even if most of the words exchanged are behind closed doors, kids can always sense when something is off. I grew up in a home that experienced much conflict. I rarely witnessed the actual argument, but I could always sense the tension, I never witnessed the resolution, and it gave me much anxiety. It has taken a ton of work for me to learn how forgiveness even works (and to realize the benefits in it!) because I didn’t grow up familiar with the process or equipped with the tools to have that kind of conversation.

One evening, far after we put the kids to bed, we were having an argument (that at this point I can’t even remember what it was about- isn’t that always how it goes?!) and our oldest came down the stairs, bawling his eyes out. He had been sitting at the top of the stairs listening and was filled with so much stress that somehow he had caused the fight even though it had absolutely nothing to do with him. (I still don’t know why kids often assume this, but they do!). We reassured him it was normal for parents to have disagreements and put him back in bed. For the following two or three days, he walked around in a serious amount of anxiety, until we realized it was because he hadn’t seen the resolution. Until we sat down with him and talked about how we had forgiven one another, he couldn’t find peace.


I want my kids to see us say we are sorry, we forgive one another, and we hug and make up.

We try to explain to them in an age appropriate way that we had hurt feelings, could have said kinder words toward one another, we are sorry, and everyone can move on now, satisfied and stress free.

They don’t have to wonder if Mommy and Daddy are still mad, did they cause the problem, is everything okay in their home? It gives kids so much insecurity to leave their imagination to fill in the blanks after they have been sensing tension.

Forgiveness, I find, is a choice. A process. I get to decide if I am going to bring peace back to myself, my husband, and my home.

There is such power in forgiveness; power I definitely want access to.

What about you and your family? How do you teach your children to handle conflict in a healthy way?



10 Healthy Snack ideas (and what you didn't know about pre-packaged stuff)

We are living in a pre-packaged world, which means we’ve GOT to be more intentional about creating healthful children. As families become increasingly busy, we look for quick ways to feed our families with foods that our kids will love as well as provide them balanced nutrition. Sadly, much of even the prepackaged fruit and veggies have things added to them, usually to preserve their color and freshness for longer. But if we dig in to what those preservatives are…most of it really is not stuff we want in our bodies.

If you’re thinking, “Well that’s great…but my kids just won’t eat healthy food like this” then I just want to encourage you to know that just like everything in life, it might take time, but we need to teach them how to live well. And because of this, that time is worth it.


When my kids were really young, I was told that it takes many interactions with a food before kids adjust to them.

In fact, recently a dietician I met with told me 40-50 times.

But let me say one very important thing:

There is no substitute for fresh fruits and vegetable. Period. Full-stop. Let’s just start by being honest. Our kids need it and they simply aren’t getting enough.

Today, with my children, we are a mostly plant-based home and even so, I am still very concerned about my kids’ veggie intake.


I’ve come up with a few suggestions for quick snacks on the go (and most of them you can have Amazon Primed to your doorstep!). Yes, some of them require prepping but 15 minutes of prepping on a Sunday can change the game. And hey, get the kids involved…create an assembly line. You do the cutting and they pack the veggies.

 Here are my top 10 right now:

1.     Veggie sticks:

Carrot sticks, celery, snap peas, sugar peas, bell pepper slices with hummus or nut butter.

SIDE NOTE: Baby carrots are washed in a chlorine-bleach solution to clean them (!!!). You have to decide what you are comfortable with but in our home, we strive to eliminate as many chemicals as possible. My kids love the many colorful varieties of heirloom carrots so I cut them myself.


 2.     Bare Products

a. Bare Sea Salt Beet Chips:

You would be surprised what you could do with veggies that aren’t looking as fresh as they once were and a dehydrator but if you are in a pinch, try beet chips. They are a great combination of lightly sweet and salty. This brand is made with only two ingredients: beets and sea salt, you can’t beet that!


b. Bare Apple Chips:

Just apples. That’s it! We just love these. Oh! And I should tell you that Trader Joe’s has dehydrated apple rings and banana chips that my kids love, too. We call them “sometimes food” because they could literally eat them All. Day. Long.

 3.     SeaSnax Roasted Seaweed:

I love this brand because not only are they organic but they use olive oil instead of canola. Nori is a good source of calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, zinc. Seaweed is a vegetarian source of DHA. And they naturally contain sodium…whereas most brands add more for flavor. Their tagline is “strangely addictive” and my kids would agree! (They even have Lime, Barbecue, Jalepeno, and other flavors in addition to the Original!)

 4.     Fruit:

Seriously… fruit doesn’t go out of style. If we can get our kids to crave and choose whole fruit, we’ve won! Eat more plants!


 5.     Biena Sea Salt Chickpea Snacks:

Chickpeas (also called garbanzo beans), sea salt and sunflower oil make this a better alternative to chips. Folate and protein are added benefits. These are a favorite because they taste fantastic! So easy to grab a handful while working or running out the door. Yay for easy snacks!

6.     Once Upon A Farm Pouches:

Every ingredient used is sustainably grown, certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, and can be traced right back to the source. Their food is kept simple and doesn’t contain preservatives, colors, concentrates or added sugars.

SIDE NOTE: Much of the fruits and veggies that are used in Once Upon A Farm comes from co-founder, Jennifer Garner’s family farm in OK!

 7.     Figgy Pops:

I mean, so many good things to say about this brand. Kids love sweet things, let’s get real. The ingredients are real and they don’t skimp on last. These unbaked energy balls are a sweet treat for after school or a kids lunch box.

 8.     Super Seedz Pumpkin Seeds:

You don’t have to wait until Halloween to enjoy these guys! Did you know that pumpkin seeds contain anti-oxidants like Carotenoids and Vitamin E? They can reduce inflammation and flight free radicals. They are also linked to a reduced risk of certain cancers and they are high in magnesium.

And helloooo…curry, cinnamon sugar, and even a dark chocolate and sea salt? Major yum.

 9.  Chia Pod:

My goodness, how I love these. Chia pudding is really fantastic. Chia seeds and pure coconut milk, blended with vanilla bean and a pinch of cinnamon. This simple combo is my favorite but the company offers several lovely flavors. Chia helps to sustain energy, improve digestive and heart health. This power packed seeds provide a lot of nutrition that modern diets really lack.


 10.  Rhythm Superfoods Kale Chips:

This brand is the absolute yummiest. And while kale was the sexy green food for a minute, don’t let trends tell you that it’s out. Kale is still a nutrient beast. I know you may not believe me when I tell you how easy these are to make (I really do promise), but if you’d like to try your hand at it, here’s a favorite recipe!

 We cannot possibly control everything that goes into our kids mouths, but we are the ones who work hard for the money and buy the groceries.

When my kids are 18 they can make all the choices but today, I am doing my level best to fill them with as much colorful goodness as possible.
— Kiesha Yokers